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This is the archived site of the Sueetie Online Community Platform.

Sueetie is an Online Community Platform launched in 2008 built with .NET. It was created as an open source, low-cost alternative to other Online Community Platforms for Microsoft Windows. Sueetie Development ceased in 2012 when it was decided that the number of users and license purchases were not able to sustain continued project support. This site serves as a historical record of the Sueetie Platform and a documentation library for its users.

The original site's CMS pages and wiki library of over 200 technical documents are reproduced here. The wiki library is found in the "Documentation" area. Screenshots of various Sueetie features are located in the "Screenshots" area.

Sueetie was built with the most popular .NET blogging, media gallery, forums and wiki applications of 2008. Sueetie integrated these applications into a single community framework, with full source code availability and licensed under GNU GPL v3.

Sueetie was designed for experienced ASPNET developers who were capable of customizing Sueetie and using it as a base for new applications which leveraged Sueetie's community functionality. Source code of Sueetie applications and framework is available in a Visual Studio Solution called Atomo. Sueetie is also available as an easy-to-install web offering called Gummy Bear. Both can be downloaded in the "Downloads" area.

While Sueetie is at its core an open source application with full source code availability, commercial "Premium Edition" code libraries and licenses are available with enhanced features which were offered to support development of the free Community Edition. Premium Edition licenses and all source code remains available. Use the site Contact Page is interested in obtaining a Premium Edition license.

Sueetie features include
  • A Marketplace application with integrated Authorize.NET and PayPal payment support
  • Walls, structured on the Facebook Wall with support for embedded media, attachments, photos and more
  • Community Calendars, with the ability to link any type of content (forum threads, blog posts, wiki pages, etc) to a calendar entry.
  • Automated Messaging system with event triggers and Constant Contact integration
  • Custom User Controls to simplify presentation management
  • Full mobile support across all applications
  • Analytics reporting by page and user
  • SEO Enhancements and integration with Google Analytics
  • Community and Member Activity Streams
  • Site Access Control Module
  • Multiple Member Registration Options, including by invitation only
  • Many more...

Sueetie was the work of Dave Burke, a long-time developer who was working in .NET during the Sueetie time frame but who moved to Linux and Open Systems development in late 2012. His blog is found at Nixmash.com.

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